About us


Founded in 1986 by a team composed of professors belonging to the Polytechnic of Milan and the most important and experienced constructors in the thermotechnical sector, Etaprogetti puts itself forward as a qualified partner in the sector covering the realization of thermal projects and relevant equipment, with special reference to industrial boiler, waste heat boilers, fossil fired thermal power plants, cogeneration plants, incinerators & waste to energy plants, renewable power plants (biomass and thermal solar).

Our project designers assure a high level consultancy for feasibility assessment, project planning and development. Their role as researchers guarantees that the consultancy will include the most advanced technical solution and will never be outdated.

Our engineers have the know-how in their capacity of contractors which assures they can adequately control every phase of a contract, from the mere advice for procurement, to the direct supply of equipment with the cooperation of leading companies in the sector of prefabrication and assembly in field. This represents an additional guarantee in the correct development of a project.

Since its foundation, Etaprogetti can count among its clients some of greatest international engineering companies, for which large scale projects have been undertaken and accomplished.