Other services

Ultrasonic thickness gauge on steam boilers and pressure vessels

Ultrasonic thickness gauge allows to check for any reduction of the thickness of steam boilers and pressure vessels components caused by corrosive and/or abrasive phenomena.

These investigations are carried out directly in the field by our qualified personnel according to UNI EN ISO 9712, according to the guidelines of the UNI EN 14127 (thickness measurement using ultrasounds) or by following the guidelines INAIL for verification of pressure equipment.

Flow measurement of liquids with portable ultrasonic flowmeters

We can carry out, with our qualified personnel, flow measurement of monofase liquids (water, thermal fluid, etc.) in steam boiler, heat recuperators, piping, etc. using portable ultrasonic clamp-on flowmeters, for servicing and maintenance activities and control and auditing of measurement points not covered by permanent meters.

Our equipments can operate on piping from 6 to 6.500 mm at process temperatures up to 400 °C.

For installation, there are no upfront requirements and no process shut-down is necessary.